Chocolate Orange Shortbread Sundaes

Chocolate Orange Shortbread Sundaes | Hungry and Confused

I don’t know what it is, but ever since Christmas I’ve been craving a chocolate orange. Specifically, the chocolate shaped like an orange that you have to tap hammer on the table to crack open.

I think it’s because, growing up, I always used to get one in my stocking every year for Christmas (along with several other chocolate treats, because the stocking was my Dad’s domain). And probably because, I would often pick one up for cheap in the January sales, once I became too old to get a stocking anymore *sob*.

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Is It Tea You’re Looking For? 10 Cute Mugs and Cups

Now that I have my own place again, and am therefore always looking for cute kitchenware and crockery to fill it with, I thought I’d start a new series alongside the recipe roundups that showcases some of the cute kitchen items that would look great in my (or your) kitchen.

To kick it off, and because most people probably require a lot of caffeine to help them get through the month of January, I’ve put together a roundup of cute mugs and tea cups for us all to lust after.

Is It Tea You're Looking For? 10 Cute Mugs and Tea Cups

Lip Tease Mug in Gold by Reiko Kaneko: I first saw this mug being drunk out of by one of my favourite YouTubers and loved it, but have only recently discovered the designer. Fine bone china and gold = totally classy cup of coffee.

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Easy Low Fat Artichoke Dip

Easy Low Fat Artichoke Dip | Hungry and Confused

The new year seems like a great time for looking forward, making plans and generally getting shit done. Or, in my case, eating my body weight in creamy artichoke dip.

I have to admit that, since all of the Christmas decorations, lights and music disappeared I’ve been feeling a little sad. I always do at this time of year, because I love Christmas so much and it seems to pass by so quickly while I’m gorging on everything festive. And I think we can all admit that our houses would look much better if we had a pretty tree and lights in them all year round. 

Plus, when it doesn’t have jingly bells in the background, listening to the Sinatra channel just isn’t the same. Woe is me. #firstworldproblems

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Harissa Vegetable Stew with Cheddar Dumplings

Harissa Vegetable Stew with Cheddar Dumplings

So, another new year is upon us. Instead of reflecting on how fast time has gone, how little we managed to get done last year (or is that just me?) or how much we over-indulged over the festive period, let’s instead look forward to the new year with a fresh outlook and tighter pants.

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