Sticky Toffee Muffins

Sticky Toffee Muffins - A muffin version of the classic British dessert!

Sometimes, you just want to cook a classic. As great as it is to experiment with new flavours and combinations, there are times when only some delicious, traditional comfort food will do. 

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Cafe Kaliber, Amsterdam

Cafe Kaliber Amsterdam - a review on

There is a small restaurant in our neighbourhood that Scott and I have probably walked past several hundred times. Every evening when we walk the dog, we practically put our noses up against the glass like little kids and gaze at the menu and the people eating inside. 

On our previous two visits to Amsterdam and ever since we actually moved here back in April, we’ve walked past this restaurant and said “We really need to try that place.” But, being our usual selves, we never did.

Then suddenly, a couple of weeks ago, after I got offered a new job, we decided that it was time to go, as a little celebration meal.

The restaurant is called Cafe Kaliber and they sell only organic or locally-sourced food and drink. This even includes the wine, which contains no sulphates so “no hangovers in the morning” as the waiter said when he filled up my glass with a bubbly rose.

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Rustic Rosemary Whole Wheat Bread

Rustic Rosemary Whole Wheat Bread / #bread #recipe

Sorry for the radio silence this week. I’ve been crazy busy with a new job that I just started, which has left little time to do anything else. Don’t get me wrong, though, I’ve still been cooking up a storm in the kitchen this week, but I just haven’t had time to blog about it!

Scott and I also bought a juicer this week, so we’ve been busy chopping, squeezing and juicing some fresh veggie juices and making lots of trips to the market, in an attempt to eat as many veggies as possible before all of the holiday indulgence we know is around the corner. Is anyone else doing the same? I don’t know how much it’ll help us once we’re scarfing down roast dinners and mulled wine, but hey, it made us feel good this week.

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Carrot and Tomato Soup

Carrot and Tomato Soup /

What is this?! The Soup Show?!?

I know, I know. My soup recipes are getting out of control. But Amsterdam is such a “soup-y” place. When there’s a chill in the air and you’re wrapped up, sometimes soup for lunch is the only thing that will warm you up. Plus, there is a cute cafe here that Scott and I go to regularly that sells huge steaming bowls of soup with corn bread and I’m always wanting to recreate that amazing-ness at home.

Carrot and Tomato Soup /

There is just something so comforting about homemade soup in the winter. I recently tried some tinned soup for the first time in years (I used to live off it during my uni days) and I couldn’t believe how synthetic and fake it tasted. Not to mention watery. So more