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Top 5 Pre Workout Foods you need to Intake

The most concerned thing about human being is his health. Without a good health we cannot prosper or achieve anything in this life. There was a time when people never used to exercise or go to the gym, still they had a healthy body. But now it is very difficult to maintain a good body without a gym or proper exercise.

The reason behind their healthy body was a proper intake of food and at the same time working manually. But today the scenario has changed. Today most of the work is done by machines and technologies. The only think man need to do is to operate that machines and also seat in front of a computer or laptop. They also used to eat healthy foods but today most of us are fond of street foods and fast foods.

If you are person who is concern about your health and a fitness freak then this article is for you. In this article, you will be informed about  top 5 healthy foodstuffs which you need to intake before your workout.


Bananas are the best fruit which you can eat before your workouts, competitions like swimming, running, etc. it contains high carbohydrates which are digestible are are loaded with potassium which helps to maintain nerves and muscles of your body. The body is unable to store potassium for a longer period of time, so having banana before your workout may help you to keep your nutrient level high. But it doesn’t mean that you need to eat a bulk of bananas. Have an intake of medium banana not more than 3 to 4.


Oatmeal are normally considered as an healthy food. It provides you with muscle energy which helps you to carry high weighted dumbbells. It also contains fiber which releases carbohydrates directly to the bloodstream due to which you get energy to complete your workout without any weakness. Most of the people discordant to eat oatmeals before workouts as they contain fibre. But the fact is that it does not contain high fibre due to which you can cause gas problems.


We all are well known about the fact that ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’. There are various types of fruits available in the nature still we select apple as the most preventive fruit from diseases. Apple delivers an antioxidant that is quercetin, which helps to generate more oxygen to the lungs. Having an apple before workout will help you to complete your task efficiently.


Yogurt contains protein and carbohydrate which helps you to accomplish your workout easily. Proteins cannot break down faster like carbohydrates which will help you to create energy for your workout but the carbohydrates present in that helps to break quickly and the protein is used later to prevent you from muscle damages. You can also add some fruits to your yogurt while eating it before the workout. Instead of yogurt you can also drink a glass of milk.

Dry fruits

Dry fruits like almond, raisins, cashew nut and dates are good to eat before your workouts. It contains proteins and carbohydrates which helps to provide energy for workouts. They are also rich with antioxidants and fibre which are best for your health. You can intake directly or by mixing it with yogurt.


There are various other foods which are beneficial and healthy before workouts but ensure that you hold a gap of at least 30 minutes in between your food intake and workout. If you have observed above mentioned foods in deep then you must have noticed that they contain more carbohydrates. The reason to intake carbohydrate before workout is because it will provide you more energy compared to other nutrients.

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