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Best Food Tips to gain Weight

We all love to have a perfect body shape that too healthy body. Most of them are trying to lose their weight and some are behind gaining weight. There are various methods and tips for losing weight but there are very rare blogs which help or suggest to gain weight. There are many people in the world who are comparatively very thin according to their age group.

Best food tips to gain weight

There are many short cuts to gain weight but in a sincere way, they are not good for your future health. It can lead to many health issues in your future. If you are a person who wants to gain weight through healthy way, then this article is for you. But before discussing about the diet plan, you need to believe that gaining weight in a right method will consume more time and you need to have patience. You should always remember that consumption of food on time is very important. So below are some diet tips for you to gain weight achieve a good healthy body and tips for pre workout foods.

Include more calories in your daily diet chart

It is mostly said that you need to burn calories and consume less calorie foods. But this line is for people who are planning to lose their weight. You need to ensure that you consume more than 250 calories food in your daily routine which will roughly add half a kilo to your current weight. Foods like cereals, pulses, dry fruits, rice,meat and bread contains more calories. So, start your day by eating dry fruits, bread, etc. which are rich in calories.

Increase your meal time

On a particular day, you need to have at least six meals. Other than your daily breakfast, lunch and dinner you need to have three more meals according to your availability of time. You should never sit with an empty stomach. There is no compulsion that you need to have only six meals. Instead of eating at bulk, you need to eat in a break. But during your breakfast, lunch and dinner, ensure that you intake more foods which contain more calories.

Intake more vegetables and fruits

Not only calories are important but also proper intake of vitamins, iron, potassium and proteins are important. For that, you need to have more vegetables and fruits in your daily food chart. It is necessary to have at least one green leafy vegetable in your daily food chart. Vegetables and fruits are rich in proteins and other nutrients. Before going to bed try to have any fruits daily. If you are a pure vegetarian then you need to concentrate more on vegetables and pulses.

Dairy products

Dairy products include milk, yogurt, cheese, etc. They help you to gain more calcium, vitamin D and proteins. After getting up in the morning and going to bed at night, have a glass of milk every day and once in your meal time add yogurt to your food chart. If you don’t like to drink milk alone then you can add some health powders which will add a delicious taste to your milk. You can also prefer coffee or tea but ensure that it contains more milk.


If you are a nonvegetarian and loves to eat meats then you can have that too. It is recommended to eat a boiled egg at early morning. Consuming an egg at early morning will help you to gain more weight within a month. Have some meat once or twice in a week. Consuming fish every day are also good for your health. If you are a vegetarian then instead of meat you can increase pulses and cereals in your regular diet.

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